A Summery Bridal Shower Tea

Leslie’s Bridal Shower

I LOVED being a part of this bridal shower. The bride-to-be now lives out of state and is a fellow teapot lover herself, and because of that her closest friend here wanted to throw her a tea party for her shower — I was excited from the start. The color theme was a new one for me, coral and blues with touches of lavender and green. AND we were going for fancy over whimsical. Fun challenges! I knew with so many different colors on the cups, that to keep the tables feeling refined, I should use white and gold plates and I’m so happy I did because the cups really popped! I have to say it was hard to find ‘coral’ as it wasn’t the most popular color in the early 1900s but I loved what cups I did find. AND the bride came in with a pair of shoes that matched so I think it was a hit. Pinkies up!

Charise GordonComment