A Downton Abbey Birthday Tea

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What is there to say about this day? To start, I was asked to set up a tea party for the owner of The Sentimentalist, the coolest bridal shop around. Oh and did I mention it was a surprise for her birthday ON her actual birthday? What a fun thing to be a part of! I took over half of the appointment rooms and set a large main table and a smaller one off to the side for the shop girls to indulge themselves on between work.

I was able to get to know the birthday girl before having set up a couple of pop-ups at the shop. We bonded over our love for our cats, and of course, Downton Abbey. To bring Downton alive for her for this day I knew I needed to set the table with rich clean white and gold classics from my Pemberley collection, paired with cups of character to match the shop’s personality. And what perfect timing for this tea as the new Downton Abbey movie comes out this week!

As happy as I was with the table after setting it, I had no idea what the shop girls had up their sleeves! They had goregous fruits rich in colors and textures, beautiful flower arrangements Hannah MADE, and candlesticks for days. Once everything was all placed it was like a still life painting had come to life.


It was such a lovely day filled with the loveliest people creating the loveliest table. It’s magical what can happen with some extra love and preparation. Truly magical! Oh and I can’t forget to mention Rhiannon’s custards, holy moly. And I definitely can’t finish this without giving a shoutout to taylor.bird for taking ALL OF THESE PHOTOS. She took a bajillion and spent even more time picking the best and sending them my way to share with you all. Happy birthday, Krista!

Until next time.

A wanderer

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